The Oddest Media

The Oddest Media

MEDIA as a discussion

As artists, we are clearly pushing the boundaries of materials more and more.  We are literally brushed aside and stepped over by curators, critics, and contemporary collectors if our chosen material is one of traditional nature.  Long forgotten are the days of grinding pigments for our oil paints, adding retardant to our plaster, creating our own alloys for the perfect bronze casting.   Even art supply stores can only stock the materials that are foundational, but you will not find material for the visionary artist.  So, where will we find the media that will allow our work to finally jump from traditional to contemporary? Take to the garbage dumps, Ebay, the refrigerator….

What is the oddest media you have ever seen in Fine Art? blood (‘Blood portrait’, Marc Quinn) , urine (‘Piss Christ’, Serrano) or – my personal fave: shadows.  Can one claim a natural happenstance upon the work as Media, such as dust, weeds, a tossed out cigarette butt ?  And the most important question… Does material make the work contemporary, or is it subject matter?  Must they be linked equally, or is one more important than another?


Sloshing plaster


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