Poems inspired by Expansion

Poems inspired by Expansion

Inhale God…Exhale Self
by Wendy Smale

Negative thoughts and energies poison the mind,
letting go of emotional baggage takes practice and time.

Breathe in deeply feel the warmth of a thousand suns,
find the silence, you will hear it when it comes.

Allow yourself to go home to your unique and true self,
at peace with the soul, happiness and good health.

Feed a starved spirit with hope, love, wonder and peace,
witness the glow of your aura rapidly increase.

Expel your radiant light out into the world,
for it will die in the dark and needs to be unfurled.

There is an endless supply, don’t leave it on a shelf,
and you will always be replenished when you Inhale God…and Exhale Self.


The Dam Cannot Hold
by Amelia Torres

Here I sit
broken in the sunlight
My scars illumined
from the inside out

Bandages once invisible
hold together
fragile skin, bones, and breath

My light is showing

A bumble bee bumbles overhead
Scanning me
My scars shiver
revealing where they are hidden
Can he sense my shadows
quivering deep beneath
my ragged walls?

I crumple

liquid fear
seeping out
warmed by the sun

The bumbling bloke
bounces into the window
sending shockwaves skipping
across the glass trampoline
or giddy in his own delight
he shoots off
and I remain

Light pools beneath my aching fractures
enflaming the cracks
searing the transparent tape
This dry dam cannot hold

What happens when the light breaks free?
Where will all my pieces go?



Amelia Isabel Torres
Master’s Student
Psychology / Creativity Studies

Thank you Amelia! – Paige



5 thoughts on “Poems inspired by Expansion”

  • The warmth of the poem really shines through… I think that may be why I love your art so much. It has a “warmth” that I can’t describe… Sometimes I wish I was a poet. ^_^

  • Dearest Paige, I thank you My Sister for sharing my ink spill inspired by “Expansion”…it is an honor for me that you felt my poetry worthy of recognition. Thank you for sharing your exquisitely crafted, spiritually enlightened pieces of art with the world. I thank you from my heart and soul. Namaste.

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