International Women’s Day – EQUALIBRIUM

International Women’s Day – EQUALIBRIUM

Finding Equilibrium in our differences
Is Discovering the power of our Humanity

Prejudice must end
Cruelty is Genderless
Bullies exist on both sides
Compassion belongs to all

Judgement must end
Discrimination is Genderless
Those in Power must Respect
Equality belongs to all

Violence is Genderless
Abuse is Genderless
Weakness is Genderless
Ignorance is Genderless

Finding Balance in our differences
Is Discovering the potential of our Future

Prejudice must end
Qualification is Genderless
All who are good, get a fair chance
Encouragement belongs to all

Judgement must end
Brilliance is Genderless
Those who have a vision will be heard
Inspiration belongs to all

Dedication is Genderless
Kindness is Genderless
Strength is Genderless
Wisdom is Genderless

Our future is Gender-inclusive.

-Paige Bradley, 2019

View a video created to Celebrate International Women’s Day here.

2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – EQUALIBRIUM”

  • These words in Equalibrium are powerful and beautiful. Also rare, even unique. I am an elder man, the currently not in favor gender. I just discovered Paige and Expansion last night at the Laguna Beach art walk. I have not seen such compassion, such balance, such truth, such love. They bring tears. These words need to be said. Often, and to many. I am moved and inspired and excited by the peace and happiness that can come for everyone from seeing these truths.

    • Thank you Brook. Your words are very meaningful to me and I’m happy to hear that you understand where I am coming from. I will be in laguna Beach for a show on August 3rd. I hope we get a chance to meet

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