Petition: Getting Expansion Back to Brooklyn – Your Feedback

Petition: Getting Expansion Back to Brooklyn – Your Feedback


This page was where we asked people to leave their names and comments to support the petition to Get Expansion Back to Brooklyn. To manage signatures easily we have moved the petition here.

But some of the comments below are so touching and moving that I would like to leave them.

THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time to sign up the petition and to share how you have connected with Expansion. This is an integral part of why I love doing what I do.

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18 thoughts on “Petition: Getting Expansion Back to Brooklyn – Your Feedback”

  • A friend of mine posted a picture of your sculpture with the following text. Thought you’d enjoy.

    This photo speaks volumes to me! I feel such a connection with this essence. A confident women unashamed of her natural being. She sits tall, heart open to the world, her consciousness expanded to the heavens. On the surface a protective layer. Though solid and strong its texture is grey and dingy. But a powerful beam of light emanating from the heart breaks through her wall. This light beam is so pure, bright and warm that it spreads all over. Soon this hardened shell will chip away and a pure light being will immerse. The metamorphosis of consciousness and unconditional love ??

  • i saw expansion on fb and loved it, it said so much and touched me deeply.

    then today i see it again and now it has your name on it, so i looked further. i see it was in london, i am sorry to have missed seeing it in person, truly.

    i agree, it should be kept in public display, its very inspiring to many.

    could you make editions of it so many different places can display it, and even small sizes so we can buy them?
    blessings and gratitude.

  • Expansion came to my life when I least expected her, but needed her most. I know she saved my heart from breaking, and she reminded me how big I could really be, and as soon as I saw her, I began to get bigger and re-find myself. I will not be small again, now that I have met her.

    Paige is an uncanny channel for the sculptures and themes that women are especially hungry for now. I cherish this woman I’ve never met!

    We all need more expansions in our hearts and lives and communities, and if she came to New York, she would bring her inspirations to an aching place. And, I might have to set up a tent nearby and honor her every day!

  • We can use all the inspiration we can get in this great, big, sometimes discombobulating city! Please bring “Expansion” back out into the wild!

    Fereshta Ramsey
    New York, NY

    Art is to be shared, to be enjoyed, to be appreciated by the public.
    The Expansion Sculpture is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing.
    It ought to remain on public display permanently to be enjoyed by people in all walks of life.
    Maggie McWhirter London, UK

  • In 20011 I saw this beautiful statue in a photo on FB. I immediately asked the person where did u find this? Did u make it?
    The guy said no and he found online
    So began my quest. I asked a few friends who were from up North if they recgonize bridge or the skyline because I have only been to CT, DC,
    IL , MI and then out west and down south and Brazil and I am from NC. Never do I recall such a site. I had tears in my eyes and instantly felt lifted. At the time this was exactly what my minds eye needed. This is a majestic working that to keep it from all of us able to take in her beauty and breathe in the light would be a shame.

    Please return Expansion to her place of re-birth as it was.

    Thank you. LOVE AND LIGHT

  • I have been aching to see this for a couple years now and would be soooooo very happy to have that opportunity!!!

  • “Expansion” is an unforgettable masterpiece, it captured my imagination. I cannot forget her. She has many qualities, she is creative force for coffee conversations. At night she is more alive and more richly colored than daytime. She deserves a place in the limelight!

  • want to take my daughters to see this piece was so disappointed to find out it’s not available for us to view – – feeling what’s inside is so very important in this day and age – – explaining this to my children by example is the way they learn – – public viewing for us – we’ll be there!

  • I would love for Expansion to be on permanent public display. It a gorgeous sculpture and deservest to be viewed by everyone.

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