FRAUD – WARNING to Artists and Galleries!

FRAUD – WARNING to Artists and Galleries!

Dear All,

I caught a fraud attempt on my work in extremis and would like to share details with you so that you can be more aware of suspicious requests should they come to you.

I have recently received an email from a so-called Frank Saylor ( email address: )  inquiring about one of my paintings to offer to his wife.

The “client” said he was moving to the Philippines and needed the painting to be picked up by a shipper ASAP.  He then “fed-exed” me a questionable check and asked me to pay the shipper directly via wire transfer. At this point I became highly suspicious and started some research on the internet.

I found a gallery had been victim of the same fraud attempt on them, and thank God they wrote about it on the net:

A couple of days later I received a similarly suspicious email from a so-called Larry Douglas

I hope you will not have to deal with such requests, and if you do, I hope my note will have been a little helpful.

Here are links on how to report a fraud:

All my best,


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