For The One I Love

For The One I Love

February 14

My Love and I were so lucky to have met that cold December night, dining next to one another, for we were mere strangers in a Manhattan restaurant.  On that first chance meeting, I didn’t know for sure if we would fall in love, but I knew deep inside that I had met a life-long friend, and even my soul mate.  In less than a week I knew falling in love was inevitable.


It was five wonderful years ago I created this sculpture for my husband.  It was to be my wedding present to him.  I wanted him to understand the way he made me feel.  I called it “Home”.

I had sculpted couples before: “Nested Rhythms”, “Freedom Bound”, “My Kite”, but I wanted to communicate to my husband the feeling that I got when I first looked into his face.  It was like no other face I had ever ‘entered’ before, and yet it was the most familiar face I had ever seen.  His deep brown eyes promised it was safe and his smile told me I was home.  I immediately trusted him with every part of my life and I couldn’t wait to share more.

With all our might, we try to put words or images to Love but it is something that can only be felt.  Love is Nature: a big wave crashing at the seashore, lava erupting from the hot core of the earth, a silent eagle soaring in the blue sky, a hummingbird kissing a flower, a baby clapping her hands when we enter the room.  I believe Love is the most powerful force in Nature, but like a secret, Love has a quiet and intimate way that finds a path into all of us.

“If I know what Love is, It is because of You.” – Herman Hesse

nested_rhythms    freedom_qtr


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