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8 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  • I discovered Expansion yesterday. I am so pleased that I can have a print of the New York photo! This work affected me more deeply than any artwork I have seen in my 5 decades of adult life; I’ve been writing and talking about it all day today. I totally get and buy into Expansion, but before I completed my research (you were not credited and she didn’t have a name where I first saw her) I had called her Renewal. My head and heart went to the Japanese pottery with veins of gold mending their breaks. The broken women who have mended themselves after breaking through self-, society- and peer-imposed boundaries are mended and are more valuable after breaking and mending. What a creation. Thanks.

  • Hello Paige, First saw this on Pinterest- your artwork is hauntingly beautiful like a cello is, truly! When came across this it sent goosebumps down me yet also felt this would speak to every chronic pain warrior as it did to me- the pain has broken me in lots of places yet refuse to let my chronic pain conditions define me or stop me from living life to the fullest most dynamic that possibly can- so do not let the moderate severe to severe fibromyalgia pains make me bitter, yet, choose to let the light shine through me and also do my best to be a beacon/torch of hope to fellow chronic pain warriors with my survivor mindset! That it is possible to thrive in spite of great challenges. Also, the calmer one can be- like the meditative pose in your fabulous sculpture- the better we cope with the pains- find was to soar above the soreness! Thank you so very much for creating this awesome artwork! Warmest rainbow wishes, British Chronic pain warrior Clara 🙂 dolphin smiles across the miles to You:-)

  • Hi,

    I love your work. I speak to the concept of expansion quite often, and now having this visual expression is so powerful. I’ve had several people ask if I know the meaning behind the three buttons on her arm.
    Could you please speak to this?

    Thanks so much~ Best of luck bringing her back into public domain.

    All the best,

  • Dear I Cruz, J Spieth and Alex,

    Thank you so much for your comments! I am so glad that Expansion is touching you. It is currently held at a private collector’s estate in New York but we are looking for a public space as I have received so many requests from people all over the world who would like to see it!

    There is also one in London which, if everything goes well, should be exhibited at the end of January. I will announce the news in January when everything gets finalized on my facebook page: and on twitter: @paigesculpture

    Keep well!


  • Hey! Your Expansion Sculpture is a magnificent work of art, and I’m deeply impressed by it. These sculpture is so inspiring. Thank you for that!!! Can you please tell current location of it, I live in New York and I just wanted to see it personally. Is it still here? I’ve search all over the internet and there’s just nothing about it.

  • I love, love, love Expansion and can relate to her so deeply! Wish I could have this in my home. Pricing please? Can a smaller version be made?

    • I couldn’t agree more, I Cruz! I’ve not experienced anything before that captures what is so wholly and intimately me as an individual and what is so very universal. Honest. Raw. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Thank you, Paige Bradley.

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