Change Priorities Ahead

Change Priorities Ahead

1 Feb 2013

2013 will really be an incredible year—I just know it.  As 2012 came to an end there was much talk about the end of an Era. Even the primitive Mayan people prophesied the end of an age…some theologians even calling it the end of the world.

I am not interested in over dramatizing it.  We are all still here; driving our SUVs to the corner Starbucks for our triple-shot, extra-foam, vanilla latte while pinging our housekeeper, texting our children’s teacher, tweeting our girlfriends, downloading the newest aps and uploading a photo of us enjoying our over-valued morning coffee while we read our newspaper on our Kindle.  But deep inside we know this won’t last.  Our intuition tells us that there will come a time where we must stop this gluttony and find simplicity instead of complexity.  We must put an end to our desires of excess and consumerism and find what really gives our soul a lasting sense of joy.

We all saw it coming as companies who could ‘never fail’ close their doors permanently.  People who had ‘great jobs’ are finding themselves unemployed for 3 years, 4, and even longer.  Even America can’t really call itself a world leader anymore with its severe debt and inability to bring jobs back home from China. Its no doubt there has been a shift of power.  With this comes a shift of priority.

A few years ago I saw a road sign that said “Change Priorities Ahead”.  The road ended a T where cars had to go left or right.  It made me think of my civilization, my race, my gender, my career, and my Self as a part of the natural world.  I am a believer that energy never dies; it only changes form and direction.  It was clearly time for me to “Change my Priorities Ahead” to survive. Which way was I going to turn?  What would I have to let go of and what new things would I find?

I vow to look at the inevitable changes as healthy and exciting, rather than a loss or an end.  I am not severing or killing a part of me, I am witnessing a rebirth that will lead to a more whole ME.  I am so excited to share what this means for my sculptures, but that will have to be the next post.  For now, I will leave you with a favorite quote:

“If not me, Who? And if not now, When?”   Mikhail Gorbachev


3 thoughts on “Change Priorities Ahead”

  • I have to say that you are so incredibly talented and expansion is one of the most incredible pieces of art that has ever touched me so deeply.

    You are so right about a time of rebirth. Such a beautiful post. I look forward to what’s in store.

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