Barbie on Sports Illustrated?!

Barbie on Sports Illustrated?!

Hurrah to all the ballet companies and fashion designers that no longer celebrate the anorexic women.  Hurrah to all of them for supporting a healthier female.  Why can’t Sports Illustrated do the same?  Don’t they know that their swimsuit edition has a great effect on how young women see their bodies?

They chose Barbie to celebrate the 50 years of S.I.’s 2014 swimsuit edition.  There are a lot of iconic ’50’ year olds they could have put on the cover, instead of Barbie.  I doubt Barbie has worked as hard as Christie Brinkley (60), Carol Alt (53), Elle Macpherson (49), Cindy Crawford (47), Linda Evangelista (48),  Estelle Lefebure (47), or Kathy Ireland (50), Paulina Porizkova (48).  Those are the women that we should be celebrating!

Barbie on Sports Illustrated
Barbie on Sports Illustrated

The Real Barbie would:

  • Have to crawl to support her top-heavy frame.  And she would be over 6 feet tall!
  • Only have room for a radius OR an ulna in her arms.
  • Only have room for a tibia OR a fibula in her legs.
  • Only have room for an oesophagus OR a trachea in her neck (she could either eat OR breathe . . . she will choose to breathe)
  • Wear a size 3 children’s shoe
  • Have a severely distorted face (like the pictures of aliens), due to the almost triple average size of her head.
  • Not be able to wash or get dressed because her arms are much too short.

Thanks to Barbie, young girls all want to look like her and end up suffering from various eating disorders.  The USA alone spends $11 billion a year on elective plastic surgery procedures.  Over the past 15 years the number of cosmetic procedures has increased by 197%. (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

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