Art is YOU and I

Art is YOU and I

“Art is not luxury, it is you and I”… I agree, when one collects bronze sculptures, it IS a luxury.

But there is no price tag on viewing or appreciating work.  Many of my ‘appreciators’ do not have the money to buy art and I send them posters instead.  They are happy to live with the Art this way.  I consider them just as powerful ‘art connoisseurs’ as the ones who can afford to buy bronze.  It’s because the work speaks to them somehow.  It tells a story that they understand. Their soul empathizes with the message the sculpture brings.  It is their love of the art that makes the art powerful and real.

That is why I say Art is ‘YOU and I’… Because Art can never really be completely created in a vacuum.  I DO create Art for me, but successful Art is understood and appreciated by others too.  The deeper and more meaningful it is to the populous, the more powerful the Art becomes.  If the public never sees it or understands the work, if they feel nothing toward it, they don’t make the work part of their lives.  Then how can it be Art?  Art is supposed to be powerful and significant.  If it’s only for me, I might as well just be making crafts.

So we do this together and we make great Art.  I invite models to apply because I want to help tell your story.


Paige Bradley & Michael Walters (model) working on Dreamer, 2007
Paige Bradley & Michael Walters (model) working on Dreamer, 2007

3 thoughts on “Art is YOU and I”

  • I couldn’t agree more… I hope that one day, I could be one of those lucky few that can afford to buy bronze. Better yet, I would love it more to even have a place to showcase a gorgeous bronze nude… Maybe one day. For now, I am content with enjoying the art from afar and being blessed to own a solitary print (or two).*

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  • Your sculpture “Expansion” came across my news-feed on Facebook. My life has not been the same since feeling it. Oh yes I saw it, but I felt it in my soul before my eyes even glimpsed at it. I am in awe of the way you capture your images.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful light. Thank you for being who you are. I am looking through your page with tears in my eyes. I have never felt such a strong connection. My soul has been deeply moved. When I am able, I will be buying your work.
    Continue to be Awesome! Namaste

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