MAY 2012 > RECENT WORKS by Paige Bradley

Silver Nitrate Patinas

I have become very attached to the modern look of the Silver patina and have begun to patina many of my sculptures, including older works, with this luxurious yet simplified coloration technique. I feel that Silver Nitrate Patinas are both contemporary, yet ageless. They can stand next to an antique Roman marble or a bright red, spray-painted abstraction. The silver brings out the shine of the metal, yet the warm bronze color underneath creates a softness that gives a fleshy glow. I am now offering most of my works in a Silver patina, upon request. Due to the fact that Silver Nitrate is the most expensive chemical we use in the patina process, a small surcharge is required. The Silver Nitrate Patina is just as lasting as any other patina process used. If there is a sculpture you would like to see in the Silver Nitrate Patina please let us know and we will provide you with the more information.


Iron-Bonded Resin Sculptures

I have recently begun producing a few of my larger sculptures in an Iron- bonded resin. Since they are less time-consuming to produce than bronze, and less costly, I am able to offer these at a lower price. Since we have received many requests for clients wanting half-life to life-size sculptures that weigh less, but have the same impact as works produced in bronze, we will only be offering this media for the larger sculptures. The resin will rust just like iron (the more rain, the more orange and red they will become) so they can be featured beautifully outdoors as well as indoors. The first two works being created in the iron-bonded resin are Balance (life-size) at $17,500 and Alapadma (half-life) at $9,500. The edition size for these works will be fifty. These works are cast and finished in the UK, so freight charges may apply. We are currently taking orders for delivery in Winter 2012.