PAIGE BRADLEY SCULPTURE featured in Architectural Digest

SEPTEMBER 2007 > PAIGE BRADLEY SCULPTURE featured in Architectural Digest

We are pleased to announce that a sculpture by artist Paige Bradley was featured in the September 2007 issue of Architectural Digest (shown left).

Campion Platt is the designer whose home is featured on page 220 of the September issue. The SoHo apartment is a special love nest that he created for his bride, Tatiana. She chose Paige's sculpture "Visionary" for their new home before moving in, after seeing it in a magazine. Both Tatiana and Campion came over to Paige's studio in 2005 to examine the work and meet the artist. Paige and Tatiana, having a yoga practice in common, knew that this sculpture was the perfect piece to mirror Tatiana's female strength and grace.

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, DESIGNERS OWN HOMES, is an annual issue that profiles the Designers behind the scenes, in their own homes and with their own collections. Their exquisite taste, the bold choices, the honed collections all become a greater sum than the parts; the designer's own meticulously designed environments. Campion Platt's home, which he designed with his love for Tatiana in mind, is graceful, clean and even feminine. It is absolutely stunning what he was able to achieve from a run down loft in New York City.