MAY 2013 > PAIGE BRADLEY featured at London and Palm Beach Art Fairs

Works by awarding winning American sculptor, Paige Bradley, will be shown at the upcoming prestigious London Art Fair and Art Palm Beach in January 2013. The London Art Fair (January 16-20) presents works by exceptional contemporary artists from over 100 galleries. Art Palm Beach (January 25-28), is Palm Beach's premier contemporary art fair, and will include special exhibitions, lectures and art performances by contemporary artists from around the globe. Bradley's works are being represented at these fairs by Panter and Hall, London and Rosetta Stone Fine Art, Jupiter, Florida.

Included will be Bradley's works titled "Expansion". In "Expansion," a female figure resembling Bradley, who often serves as her own model, sits in lotus position, her expanding consciousness causing light to radiate from within her but cracking her bronze "skin" as it does. The light escapes through jagged fissures. Her liberation threatens the integrity of the physical container for the self. This unique sculpture has inspired and touched countless people throughout the world.


Paige Bradley brings a modern sensibility to a classical art form, creating figurative bronze sculptures that explore the human experience. The artist's themes include self-discovery, renewal, confinement, liberation, freedom, balance, time, evolution, consciousness and spirituality, among others. As a contemporary figurative sculptor, Bradley believes that art "has the ability to speak a timeless language that provides a certain order to the chaos of the world."1 In her view, it can also transcend the isolation and fragmentation of the modern experience, and reveal elements shared by all humanity.