This year, the 2008 Ballet International Award has been presented at the oldest and most prestigious competition of all: The International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. During the competition in July, the judges selected the young and talented dancer, Nagrada Jensen of the United States. This extremely important competition allows young dancers all over the world to be seen and their efforts rewarded. Those who are acknowledged by the judges are sure to become lead dancers in significant companies.

The 2007 Ballet International Award was presented to the principle dancer at A.B.T. (American Ballet Theater), Angel Corella. The award was presented at a ceremony in New York City, during an ABT performance. In 2006, the first year of the award, a young dancer from Mexico named Issac Hernandez was the recipient of the award at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi.


The award is a commissioned work by Paige Bradley for Ballet International (BI), a foundation that presents a smaller version as an award to one talented young dancer at the most elite international competitions. "Paige Bradley is one of the world's most expressive sculptors," said Dr. Andreas Kronenberg, founder and president of Ballet International. "Her sculptures demonstrate an ability to fuse contemporary human emotion and spirituality into an immediately appealing, yet profound form of communication. The movement in her work even rivals the intensity of the dancer in the magnificently fluid interpretation of their art. Paige's masterpiece will indeed become the "Oscar" award for ballet dancers.