The above sculpture “Expansion” is currently in a private collection in NYC, but we are hoping to gather enough momentum to get it public again. Permanently! We receive phenomenal feedback from around the world and so we have decided to start a campaign with the goal to have Expansion on public display.

This page is specifically dedicated to Expansion and the petition to have it in a permanent public space.


The Fulton-Ferry State Park/ Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn, NY feels like the most appropriate place since it is where the shot that got Her famous was taken. Brooklyn is where Expansion was created in 2004 when Paige moved there.


>> SIGN THE PETITION: To manage signatures easily, we have just moved the petition here..

We will keep you posted on every milestone we reach towards achieving this.

Thanks in advance for your support. Let’s hop on this adventure together!

Love, Paige and Leo


>>The Story of Expansion

>> Images of Expansion

>> News and Links about Expansion

>> Comments received

>> Poems written about Expansion

>> Contact us: leo@paigebradley.com



FB: PaigeBradleySculpture

T: @paigesculpture

3 thoughts on “Expansion”

  • Hello Mrs. Bradley,
    Can you tell me if your beautiful sculpture EXPANSION still in private collection or it is possible to see it some were in NY ? I would love, I need to see it “her” in real…. I need it….. !
    Many thanks from Canada

    • Expansion is currently not on public view at this time. This acclaimed work is in numerous private collections around the world. We are working towards having Expansion placed permanently in a public venue where all can view and enjoy. Thank you!

  • EXPANSION … is Such a BEAUTIFUL AND EMPOWERING piece … that INSPIRES sooo many … even those just bringing to awaken. This is a Powerful piece that would serve and touch more … if shared publicly.
    Please share her with the world ?????

    I personally too would share her if I was able to purchased her one day ….? ????

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