For years I have been looking for ways to make my artwork more accessible. Receiving emails and responses from people who have never looked at art before, telling me their stories of how Expansion was the first work they connected with and understood, it was then I knew this image was the one I had to make available to all.

I yearn to create work that anyone can acquire and live with easily.  I want affordable art not to be a minor side-note, but to be bold and brilliant and exactly what brings joy to everyday life. When I first saw vinyl wall art being sold at a contemporary art fair in London, I was so excited.  It was the first time that I might acquire work by artists like Julian Opie, Banksy or Shepard Fairy that would really change the mood of a room.  It isn’t the little ‘affordable’ framed work that no one notices, it is a large, statement in a room, that can bring joy to all.

Paige Bradley


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