Life is ever changing, always moving and completely unpredictable.  

As humans, we must acceptPaige Bradley Dreamer the dynamic nature of the universe and stay flexible and agile.  Being able to move and change with our environment is not just limited to the physical body, but also very much to the mind, spirit and psyche.

As an artist, it is my duty to capture life as I see it, in today’s world, and to help us all visualize an order through the chaos.

Bronze sculpture is a wonderful way to capture life.  Metal by nature is solid, opaque and heavy.  But I love to push on the typical definitions and paradigms, to reveal new ways that sculpture can parallel the life we actually feel.

Metal is opaque?  I’m not.  I have a light inside me that I feel.  So I crack the sculpture and put light in it.

Metal is heavy, sitting on a table, or pedestal?  But my spirit soars!  I love to move in my yoga poses, toss my children up in the air, feel my muscles engage as I work and play.  So I hang these sculptures from the ceiling and watch them move with the air currents and a viewer’s touch.  They make a gentle ping as the figures connect and then drift into their own space again.

These are all allegories of our movement: Connecting with others, sharing our inner light, feeling our strength, being unafraid of change. What would art be if it didn’t look to human nature to inspire?  Without movement and change, Life ceases, as does Art.

~ Paige Bradley


  • Expecially „EXPANSION“ gives me encouragement and Love, you an a lot of human beings , of women and men, to create such a enlightened sculpture! Thankyou so so much ! God bless you! Cordula

  • Namastey !
    Paige what a fabulous 3D representation of the experience of dynamic meditation ! It totally summarised how I have felt when “hitting the spot ” wow!
    Thank you
    Love and light Sonia

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