Women, the Sacred

Women, the Sacred

As a young female born in the twentieth century, I have become more and more saddened by the loss of feminine power that generations have seen within the last thousand years.  I have grown up in a man’s world where women are finally coming to power so they can sit as equals with men.  Only to find out that long ago we once held that same seat; we were appreciated, empowered and even considered sacred.

The female body is a miraculous creator of life.  Even though the days of the red tents may be gone, we do not have to claim ignorance to our power to give life.  Growing up with dirty jokes, instead of wise women that share their own experiences, has taken its toll on many generations of women.

I know too many women who are shamed by their age; stretching out their wrinkles, injecting themselves with anti-age poisons, and squeezing out every bit of proof of the experiences and wisdom they have earned.

I have lost a history that I never knew.

I have lost a power that I could have had.

I have lost a family that I should have felt.

We have repressed a magic source of nature just because we could put no measure to it.  I hope we will become a society who no longer covers up who we are, but discovers who we were meant to be. We can learn to love our experiences and show them without shame.  Growing wise and understanding that beauty does not lay in an elixir, but rather tapping into the energy nature has gifted us.  It takes courage to be beautifully unique and powerfully real.


The Visionary, bronze by Paige Bradley
The Visionary, bronze by Paige Bradley


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