My name is Leo.  I am a girl friend of Paige and work closely with her, mainly overseeing her communications and marketing.

Paige has asked me a couple of months ago to write a post to introduce myself and tell you my story: how I left France for London and much later how our paths crossed, as she thought this was inspiring.

I preferred to hold back as in my view, what was going on in “Mrs B ‘s” studio and in her mind was much more interesting to the rest of the world!

Today I feel compelled to” take the pen” as something exciting and magical is going to happen in the studio and I cannot help sharing the news!

Just like for the making of Expansion, Paige is about to shatter her new sculpture Momentum on the floor, in order to rebuild it and allow light to shine through it.

It is a unique procedure for an artist to shatter their work in pieces but as Paige said, “the process of letting go of my obsession with perfection is how I learned to expand as an artist.”

Excited at the prospect of this taking place, my marketing brain switched on and in a couple of seconds I had made a whole event out of this process. We HAD to invite the press in the studio as well as galleries, curators, collectors, and the list went on. We HAD to capture that moment on film and share it on the net so everyone could live it.

The world and I fell in love with Expansion, so seeing the most crucial part of such breath-taking work take place, I thought, would be a most unique experience for sculpture professionals and amateurs.

Imagine admiring a beautifully accomplished piece of clay that after much hard work has taken the perfect shape. Imaging holding your breath as the sculpture comes crashing to the floor. Imagine the silence that follows which holds the uncertainty of its future: is the piece too shattered that it cannot be put back together?  Or is okay? Can it make it back to life? Imagine watching Paige examining anxiously the shattered pieces on the floor…the nervous silence, the heavy seconds that follow a violent accident.  And then imagine a Soul emerging from the chaos. Imagine Paige raising her head, looking around the room with a smile of relief: It has made it!  All there is to do now is to give It its body back.

I don’t think there can be as emotional and as magical as a moment in the making of a piece of Art.

“I’m sorry” said Paige, “I really like to do this sort of thing in private”.

And that’s easy to understand. Like giving birth in a way, with all the excitement and uncertainties this event holds, one wants to keep this vulnerable, emotional and special moment for themselves, in privacy and in humility.

So we will share the happy news when Momentum will join us, after its metamorphosis.


Momentum, by Paige Bradley

Momentum, by Paige Bradley


Momentum, by Paige Bradley

Momentum, by Paige Bradley


Momentum, by Paige Bradley

Momentum, by Paige Bradley

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