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  For years I have been looking for ways to make my artwork more accessible. Receiving emails and responses from people who have never looked at art before, telling me their stories of how Expansion was […]

Paige’s 15 tips on getting into the studio

It is always so hard to be creative when life is changing and things are in ‘Flux’.  Think of these things when you are hard on yourself.  When you are too busy, or overwhelmed, use […]

The Oddest Media

MEDIA as a discussion As artists, we are clearly pushing the boundaries of materials more and more.  We are literally brushed aside and stepped over by curators, critics, and contemporary collectors if our chosen material […]

Form and Space

One of the things that have always bothered me about Sculpture is the Space that I fill up by creating it. That may seem funny, but please understand that for a sculptor, Space is our […]